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    Jerry & Susan Boettcher

    Our names are Jerry and Susan Boettcher. In 1998 we rode tandem in our first El Tour de Tucson together. It all started because I (Susan) was wiped out after work from riding my bike 3 or 4 days a week training for the 111-mile bike race. I had to take a nap or go to bed right after dinner those days, and I was missing out on fun with my family. I tried some protein powder from the health food store like a friend recommended, but I felt no difference. I just kept getting more and more tired. Then my scientist friend told me about some nutrition products that she was using and I decided to try them. After a couple of days I notice I could stay up until after 10 and bounce out of bed at 6. The day of the race came and I was able to ride my bike, carry it across 2 dry rivers, finish the race, and even get one of the gold medals! Before the race was over, Jerry was using the products too!

    It's been 16 years now and I rode my bike 15 miles each way to my school until I retired, and I can still have fun with the family until 10. Since that first race, we were able to lower Jerry's high cholesterol, boost our family's immune systems to keep us out of the doctor's office, and help Susan lose 10 pounds. We used to think we were healthy before, but now we have achieved OPTIMAL health. We hope to be a part of your team for optimal health too!


    Jerry & Susan Boettcher