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  • Candace's Testimonial

    Candace Porter

    Athletic after age 50 and Beyond!

    Our friend Candace is a true inspiration! She has been an athlete all her life, into competitive tennis and skiing. A few years ago, she went to the finish of El Tour de Tucson to cheer on a friend who rode 111 miles for a cure for Parkinson's Disease. Candace was inspired at that moment to get her own bike and start riding. Eight mile rides around the neighborhood were tough at first. She did her first El Tour de Tucson race, riding the 35 mile leg, in 2006. Other races followed, until she finished platinum (the fastest time) at the age of 52 in 2007's 111-mile El Tour.

    Candace joined The USA Cycling Federation in January, 2011, and joined Team Summit Velo. She did her first Senior Olympics at the Tucson event that January also, winning 4 gold medals! She also took 2nd place at the Tucson Bicycle Classic at the age of 56.

    Jerry was one of Candace's early coaches, riding with us back in 2005. We are proud to say she kicks our butts now! She also uses our sports nutrition. "I use the recovery drink after a hard ride, and I never get hungry but feel satisfied. Having it for recovery takes the edge off." Even her husband, Keith, says he "bonked" on water alone, but never "bonks" with our healthy sports drink. Candace loves both the lemon-lime and the orange when she rides, alternating between the two.

    Candace started off slowly in the sport of cycling, and gradually became the best she can be. It wasn't easy at first, but she persevered. We continue to be inspired by our amazing friend, Candace Porter!